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Our Details

Revd Dean Henley

Date Adopted by PCC: 21 03 2012
Date presented to APCM: 10 04 2012
Date sent to Bishop: 22 03 2012
Date review date: 03 03 2013

Parish: Clophill
Benefice: Campton, Clophill and Haynes
Deanery: Ampthill and Shefford
Archdeaconry: Bedford

Our Looking

Three things we have seen about our parish and our world

  1. There is a mix of private and social housingin what is generally an affluent area of rural Bedfordshire.
  2. The village has a strong sense of identity and there is a cohesive approach between the various institutions and organisations.
  3. A tremendous willingness to engage in public service and voluntary work in Clopill itself, and the wider area.

Three things we have seen about our church

  1. St Mary's is at the heart of the village.
  2. We have a good working relationship with the Methodist Church in Clophill.
  3. Church is open every day - it is well resourced and well utilised by the congregation and the residents.

Our Discerning

How we want to be described in five years’ time.

A community faithful to the Gospel; worshipping the loving God who created us and communicating that love in the way we care for those who are vulnerable or in need. An inclusive community which seeks to welcome and embrace the diversity of human experience, both within the congregation and il the village we are called to serve.

Our three key priorities for the next five years.

  1. To maintain our current focus on the mission of the Gospel.
  2. To keep our vision on the horizon and not at our feet - work with children & monthly lunches shared with Clophill Methodist.
  3. To encourage vocations to all forms of ministry, eg. readers, intercessors, chalice assistants, and also ordained ministry.

Our five key SMART goals for the next year or more.

  1. To develop our liturgical life; to encourage more participation in the musical element of our worship, eg. choir, music group.
  2. To develop existing opportunities for learning & spiritual development both for enquirers & members, eg. Alpha, Lent & Advent.
  3. To increase the numbers of those taking part in leading worship.
  4. To invite the Diocesan Vocations Officer to preach at one of our services.